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Matching S/N Lifeson Signature Guitars


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Hello all,


Sorry for the absence but I am sick, getting sicker, so just not on the forums like I used to. I've had an amazing life even if I die tomorrow so I don't want to turn this thread into a pity party for me. I'm not giving up on life yet and even want to perhaps get one last custom Carvin guitar made if I can decide which one? Since I started going downhill, I have already sold a couple of my wonderful guitars and I am now trying to find a good home for my Lifesons.


I happen to have both Alex's white ES-355 and his wine red LP Axcess that are the same serial number, AL230. Though I am a fan of Rush, I originally got his 355 just because [at the time] I could buy it [like] $800 cheaper than I could get the regular 355 for. Later, when I wanted to get a tremolo LP Axcess, I logged onto GC.com and there was a wine red Lifeson, AL230. The guitar gods were smiling that day.


I want to try and sell them as a matched set to the right collector and donate the proceeds to charity when I am gone. Unfortunately, everyone I talk to that do consignment sales like Wildwood just want to sell them as quickly as possible to whomever will buy them, etc. Don't want to hassle with the matched set thing.


They are in impeccable condition, all the appropriate documentation, scuff free signature cases, COAs, etc.


A couple of local shops said they could easily bring over $10K as a set to the right collector though neither shop do consignment sales either.


I don't do Ebay, nor will I, and my health is bad enough that doing this myself is going to be impossible. If it is purely a matter of getting whatever to whomever, I have a nephew that can do that when I am gone.


Just looking for ideas folks on potential value and a way to sell them?


thanks a bunch,


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Those guitars are priceless, CM.

As are you, our good and loyal guitar-playing friend.



No matter how this business goes regarding the sale of these guitars, I want you to know that my life is richer for having known you.


I pray for your peaceful and easy transition toward the next existence.

We should all know and experience such class and dignity.


I will offer my help and advice on the specifics of these guitars in the next few posts, I reckon.


But in the meantime, I want you to know that your spirit will live on, no matter how long you ambulate across this good earth.


We are the priests.





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Wow, such kind words from someone I only know through this forum means so much. Thank you!


But, again, though I rarely get out of bed, I am not [yet] on my "death bed" here. Just really would like to get these Lifesons to a good home before I do get to that point and hopefully maximize their value for purely charitable purposes.


In other words, I want to be clear that, if I do go ahead and order one last custom Carvin, I already have the money for that.


I would love to be able to say these Lifesons generated [like] $10K for Lupus.org or SU2C or even the College of Engineering at my Alma Mater. Haven't decided on that yet.


I just know, if I wait too long, it will no doubt just fall to my nephew to just sell them to whoever for whatever he can get when I am gone and that would be a shame! And, someone scoring both signature Lifesons, same S/N, could be very worthwhile to the eventual owner/collector.


The only pics I have as of today . . . obviously, that will change if/when this moves to the next level.





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I checked the Blue Book, and (in such wonderful condition) your Alex Lifeson ES-335 is worth $4,700 and your LPXS is worth $3,300, sir.


My good friend and bandmate Bob is drooling, by the way.

He's our drummer, and a huge fan of Rush.

Bob doesn't play guitar, but he would love to.


He'll play bass guitar on one or two songs as a rule, but someday he would really like to learn how to pick a six string.



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Sorry to hear about your health and wish I was in a position to purchase them. Check the private message I just sent you. Those are fantastic looking guitars and hope they go to a deserving person and not split up.

Best of luck to you on your health!

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I couldn't pass up this thread, this has been favorite my band since I was a kid in high school (mid 70s)

Alex, Geddy and Neil are my musical heroes, and I have not an ounce of shame to admit this.



Those are beautiful guitars, and would be an amazing part of any serious collection.


you might want to contact Gruhn for an appraisal. They'll just need some information from you and the best photos you can muster up.


Best wishes to you on this noble endeavor.


"laughing out loud with fear and hope, I have a desperate plan"


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I checked the Blue Book, and (in such wonderful condition) your Alex Lifeson ES-335 is worth $4,700 and your LPXS is worth $3300.


Thanks a bunch. I actually had that info [though the other way around on value] if I was just trying to sell them individually. The 355 was $3700 new and the Axcess $5500 so the used values I got were $3300 for the 355 and $4700 for the LPXS.


But, I was trying to gauge a value of the matching set pair?


Maybe that's impossible . . .??

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I checked the Blue Book, and (in such wonderful condition) your Alex Lifeson ES-335 is worth $4,700 and your LPXS is worth $3300.


Probably one of the worse places to get a ballpark price guide.


Go to EBAY and find "completed auctions" with these, see what that says

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The next collector of those 2 needs to get the new Lifeson EDS-1275 with the same serial number. That might be a better purchase than a new Carvin?


EDS-1275 Lifeson


Actually, my Lupus is so bad I don't think I could play a double-decker axe any more if I wanted to. That said, lord willin', I want to try one last Carvin Synth model. I've had a Boss GT10 for a while just cuz the price was right. I would only use like 10% of it but that 10% alone would be pretty cool. Plus, Carvins just fit me perfectly . . . this would make my 5th. Tragically traded my DC400 years ago to a friend for an amp who managed to get it stolen but I still have my original 200T, all KOA CS6, and all Walnut TL60 [weighs nearly 11 lbs.] [scared] But plays and sounds amazing! [thumbup]


So would this Gruhn outfit get me a market price for the matching set or would they just value the individual guitars?

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