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What's your favorite guitar pic


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The one where I was playing my '41' Gibson J35 at Woodstock just prior to CCR doing their set, I seemed to have misplaced it though....maybe someone else can bring it up [flapper]




Ha Ha!



I played my 1952 Gibson LG1 at Woodstock:









But I never thought I would have a vintage small body Gibson and Martin! And I do!!!!!













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JScott- You came out strong with the soundhole sunrise graphic; very '70's looking... what's it from?


Allie- Dream on . . .


Em7: Nice saturated Red ... Old Harry would be proud;- Batwings, & all.


JedZep: You tear my heart out with that one. I do remember it, and it's a guitar where you don't care what it sounds like, but will listen because it has a story to tell.


B.K. ; Always a pleasure to take in your shots.



1949 LG-2. (It sounds like that)

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