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Why don't we ever hear about the PAF Mini-Hums?


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Apparently, they weren't as popular as the full sized ones. Funny you should mention them as I was just reading an old ToneQuest Report interview with Jason Lollar this mornng (who builds his own version of mini humbuckers) along with a recent model LP Deluxe (2007?). ToneQuest ended up liking Lollar's version better than Gibson's as they had stronger mids and lows and that included comparing the newer Deluxe to an older '72 or '73 model. So, you can still get those pups, albeit from Lollar.


In the article, they also stated that Deluxes are routed to accept either mini humbuckers or P90s or Firebird pickups and ToneQuest did some experimenting with those in different combinations as well. Sounds to me like a Deluxe would be a cool guitar to get and then come up with your own brew of tone with a unique pickup combo that most players won't already be using.

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