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My new J-45 Custom


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... just noticed your note at the bottom of your post (missed it originally) - it is obviously the same. I tried desperately to get feedback on the Gibson forums before I made the purchase. Didn't get much, so just kept going back to the shop to play with it until I couldn't resist the temptation anymore. Had it for 1 day before slipping on some ice and chewing up my fingers forcing me to let it sit for several days. Still hurts to play, but couldn't resist anymore!


Would be interested to see the case you got with yours and if you got the 'case candy'. I read in some post somewhere that every 'Custom Shop' guitar is supposed to come with a care package including a cloth, picks, strap and other 'care' goods. Mine had nothing with it, but I've got the shop looking into it and had one store rep say he's heard the same thing. Maybe you can help??...

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