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Warren Haynes Model LP


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Here's what the switch does:


The included CAE Sound preamp has a unity-gain buffer that, when activated, maintains a consistent tone when volume is lowered. It also preserves signal strength and quality when running through multiple effects. It was important for Warren to have balance between the pickups, to have a smooth sound from the neck pickup, and that when you flip the pickup switch, it doesn't sound like you just switched guitars. He also felt strongly that the bridge pickup never bite your head off. This Inspired By Standard is very successful on all accounts!



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If you get a chance try one great LP



Retro, my neighbor in AZ, I haven't played the Warren Haynes LP yet, but I would be willing to bet that it's the creme de la creme of the sig./inspired by Gibson guitars. I've been saving for that one. I just hope I have enough before it's too late. Does the preamp work as well as expected? The PRS McCarty II has a similar preamp and I love the tone on that guitar (I don't own it), but the WH LP is my dream.

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