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Are Sunburst SJ200's Worth More


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Worth and value are subjective in nature and come down to what you are willing to pay for a particular guitar based on your needs and desires.


Having said that. Looking at the big box stores, you will pay $200 more for a sunburst finish as opposed to a natural finish.


Not sure exactly how this carries over into the used market, but I usually base my asking price on a percentage of what was paid new, so I can see how there might be validity to what you are finding in your searches.


Happy hunting. The SJ-200 is a lovely guitar. I love the way mine speaks to me.



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When it comes to customs I would think the custom upgrades such as the wood and inlays dictate the price more than the sunburst.


This is a Custom RW Sunburst with the abalone but I paid more for a Custom Koa Natural.


This RW hung in the rafters of my local GC for a couple years with the high price tag (4800). I kept my eyes on it and snatched it as soon as they put it on clearance.


Have patience.






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jannusguy2, it's always interesting to me what's on your TV in the background of your pictures and that pic of your J-200 indicates just how never ending the election "cycle" is in our fair country. Sheesh! Oh yeh, nice guitar too!

Ha! That's funny. I guess that was a particularly good day in 2012. Got my SJ200 and Newt threw in the towel. I have another pic of my 1960 D18 and there's a news flash about Andy Griffith passing away on the TV. I always thought that was a bit of strange timing.



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