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I'm getting a hankering for an SG again... Do any current production SG's have a neck that isn't based on the 60's slim profile? I like a big neck.


Does the "faded" model have 60's neck profile or one that is thicker? I'm thinking budget with my budget.





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Last time I was in a guitar store I tried out a couple new SGs to see how the neck felt. They feel like feel Les Paul necks. Fat and chunky. In contrast to a 1971 SG I recently picked up. The 71 neck is so slim it took me quite a while to get used to it. I wanted to feel the difference between the 71 and the new ones..


The new SG necks feel great in your hand, substantial and very stable... The older slim profile takes some getting used to but has its advantages too; easy to get your hands around extremely fast and much less effort to play...


just my opinion of course... Dave

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