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98 LP special vs 2007 LP Special VOS


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hi ya'll. new here. glad i found this place...


Would like input on the Les Paul Specials. WHat's the real difference between the mid 90s specials, and the VOS specials... is it really just the ornamentation that's different? why are some specials like the mid 90s single cuts valued at 800 and the recent CS specials twice that!


tell me your experiences!





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Some of the mid-90s specials had P100 pups, they also have stop tails and TOM bridges, they may or may not have multi piece bodies as well. they are pretty nice guitars,very well built with good fit and finish. The P100s are easily replaced with P90s.


The new VOS specials have P90 pups, wrap around tail piece/bridges, and one piece bodies. They are also very nice guitars, but way more expensive.


My .02

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