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New tuner day! [smile] [smile]


I always use an old cassette-sized Korg DT-1 which I've had for decades now. But I left it 30 miles away at a bassplayers' house and getting him to post it back to me would be even harder than getting him to learn the basslines properly....[laugh] [laugh]

So I needed to get something quick as I have gigs and guitars to tune.


The Korg Magnetune. Small, basic, attaches with a magnet and under £6 (GBP) -



Flash in above pic outshone tuner light which is indicating 5th string needs to be tuned up slightly. Both arrows lit = in tune.


Ruler = centimeters:



It is; very small and cheap, a Korg tuner [thumbup], and does exactly what it says - tunes your guitar to standard tuning at A=440.

Vibration sensitive (no mic or input) and manual claims E2 to E7 range. No clip to break and so tiny it is completely unobtrusive.


It isn't; very versatile or complex - no calibration/adjustment, chromatic tuning etc.

No needle or zappy graphic display; all you have is strings 1 to 6 and up/down arrows. The on/off button is tiny.

The magnet attaches it to a machine head or the strap button. Magnet will NOT stick to gold-plated parts, aluminium or brass. It could be shaken or knocked off (if you try hard enough) and the tuner is small enough to lose easily.

But it costs no more than a set of good acoustic strings!


As I always play in standard tuning at A=440....it works fine for me so far.....I got 2. B)

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Nice. My first was a DeltaLab clip on that didn't last very long. Didn't break, just didn't work right so I have a Super Snark clip on that has been very good so far. If it ever goes, I will be looking for something else. I always tuned by ear and sometimes still do but funny how you get used to a tuner.

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.....I have a Super Snark clip on that has been very good so far.


Snark tuners seem to be the deal around here. Cheap and effective!



Mine BROKE....the socket of the ball & socket joint...1 of the 3 little plastic bits it snaps into....I have to glue it in the right position - (like Les Paul's arm [biggrin])....

And the damn thing uses up the lithium battery far too quickly...... ](*,)


I never even took it on a gig either!!! [angry]

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