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LP Custom Silver burst on Ebay


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I heard of him, think he's also got another S.B. Custom with only the bridge pickup, kinda like a Junior, and another S.B. Flying V Custom...appears to take pretty good care of it...I dunno about 4.7K though, but I'm sure there's someone out there who'll buy it...

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Never heard of him... [biggrin]


Mastodon though are a big name in that type of music...so a 'collector' or even a player might well pay top dollar for a guitar with provenance...


Silverburst IMO is an under-rated finish which can look superb and different to run o' the mill colours... [thumbup]


Interesting post... [thumbup]






PS I own a silverburst L6-S which was very cheap and to my eyes looks great... <_<

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