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EA-260 pickup rings


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I recently purchased a Hollowbody EA-260 bass, and upon closer inspection found that the bridge PU ring had been replaced by a black plastic flat plate. The part closes to the bridge had broken off entirely. I'd like to replace it with the arched raised guard-ring. Actually once i figure out the correct sizes and who carrys it, I'd like change both PU rings to chrome and see about changing Both PU covers to chrome. I'd settle for the black rings that fit. Does anyone know if the front and rear pickups use the same rings (dimensions)?

Most ring sellers have the measurements in mm and not inches. The conversion between the two is not exact if I'm correct. I'd hate to buy something only to find out that the screw holes on the corners don't align. Or that the PU opening is too small and can't be Dremeled larger.


Wasn't Epiphone once under Gibson? The cuts appeared the same, so I'm wondering if Gibson (Tennessee) would have Gibson rings that would fit. I just found a photo of a similar Epiphone that I had when I was very young (over 40 yrs ago) and I can see a large Chrome Humbucking neck PU and No tailpiece, like the one I just bought. This new one sounds very deep and Jazzy with the new LaBella Flats that I just put on...Just what I wanted.

I need help, Please.

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The EA-260 was made in Japan by the Matsumoku factory in the 1970's, so its parts will be metric rather than inches. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to anything ever made by Gibson. Its stablemate guitar, the EA-250, may have used the same pickup rings. Both the bass and the guitar were also sold with other brand names, including Aria, Lyle, Conrad, Diamond, Univox and Ventura, so you may have some luck tracking down one of those. I don't believe anyone is still making parts for these turkeys, but you might find them at a dealer who specializes in old and/or oddball guitars with a stock of disassembled guitars.


One possibility is Subway Guitars in Berkeley, California, which has a stock of some of those old ones in various states of cannibalization. The owner, Fatdog, is quirky and eccentric, but very honest, and his prices are fair. It might worth a phone call, letter or e-mail. Their website is www.fatdawg.com --- good luck!

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