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57 custom reissue


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I am always wary of asking what could be stupid questions to to elite groups like this, but just let's say I am a bit lax in my knowledge of detail in modernish Gibsons. So here goes.


I have just bought a 57 reissue,all gold hardware and with a bigsby. First off the serial number is 7 17## I was told that this was 2001.


The case says Gibson art history.


The pickups have "patent applied for" stickers on the underside.


First off did Gibson make this model with a fitted Bigsby ?


Is the guitar a custom reissue as opposed to a historic and what are the differences if any.


Thanking you in advance.

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Guest Farnsbarns

As far as my understanding goes, reissue and historic mean the same thing.


Given the "custom - art- historic" moniker it seems likely it is 2001 although the serial numbers go round every 10 years so could be a 2011 in an older case but no reason to doubt what you were told. I feel sure gibson would have offered this with a bigsby at some time although I don't "know" but I think they would have.

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