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Spur of the Moment NGD - Birthday/Christmas - Not a Gibson! Shocking!


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Over the years, I've owned a lot of guitars. One of them, was an early 80s Destroyer. It was candy apple red, rosewood fretboard, a bolt-on neck (which was my only knock on it)... but it was such a fun guitar to play, and looking back, had some killer rock tone. I think it might have been a Destroyer II, but I'm not sure on that. It would have been 1983 probably.


During a visit back home, at my uncle and aunt's house, my foot kicked something under the couch. I pulled out a guitar case, that had Gibson emblazoned across it. Asked "WTH!?" as neither played. Her dad had died, and while cleaning out the house, they found a 1971 Black Beauty. I asked if it was for sale, for their favorite nephew. They claimed it was and said they'd hold it for me, while I sold my one and only and favorite guitar to date... my Ibanez Destroyer. Told me, they'd let it go, for $200.


I got back home, took it to where I bought it and asked what they'd give me. Didn't get $200, but I made the rest up and was back within 6 months, to pick up my new LP. My LP that had been sold to a pawn shop, shortly after we left... for $150. I was steamed. Lost my favorite guitar, for nothing.


I replaced it with something that had a whammy. Probably the worst Ibanez ever made. An oak grain strat-style with the worst whammy ever. Wouldn't stay in tune, strumming it. That turned into my Kramer.


Fast forward all these years, and after watching and waiting on a 2014 Gibson Explorer that I lost out on, passing on another 2007 plane black... I noticed this Ibanez. It was setup poorly, if at all. Things were loose... but picking it up, I knew it was a hidden gem.


At $799 though, I didn't want to waste the time/money. So I passed. Figured, I'd wait until another Explorer... or whatever.


This Destroyer sat and dropped in price. $799 to $699, I almost bit! Hard! I waited. Then $499. Then a couple weeks ago, it dropped to $399. I asked my friend that works there, "will it go any lower?" At first, he wasn't paying attention and said, it probably would. Then he did a double-take, spun around, grabbed the ticket, stared, saw that it was well below 50% of "retail" and at 50% of their regular price. He said, "No... that's as low as it will go."


With the holiday and as much as I played this guitar... they had since set it up and tightened down the loose odds and ends, it was an amazing player. Every time I was in there, this was the guitar I'd grab. I'd bought everyone's Christmas presents and still had some cash to burn, why not?


No case yet, but it hangs on the wall, next to the matching LP Studio Pro. Easily my 2nd favorite guitar to play and certainly the most comfortable. Best lap guitars on the planet.


2013 Ibanez Destroyer DT1GFM CRS












Machine Heads: Schaller clones

Neck Composition: 1-piece Mahogany

Neck Type: Set

Fingerboard Composition: Rosewood

Fret Count: 22

Scale (inches): 24.7"

Body Composition: Flame Maple top on Mahogany

Binding (H / N / B ): Y / Y / Y

Number of Pick-Ups: 2

Pick-Ups by Position (N / B ): DiMarzio Air Norton / DiMarzio Tone Zone

Bridge: Tight-Tune

Tail: Tight-Tune

Controls: (2) Volume, (1) Master Tone, (1) 3-way Toggle

Control Knobs: Sure Grip III


My only real complaint is the cheap screws they use to hold on things like the strap buttons. But, I put Schaller's on today. problem solved.

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I have a VERY similar story.


I always had an affinity for these, since I was a young teen and heavily into Maiden. In fact, back then I thought they were at least as cool as Explorers. Anyway, for my 16th Birthday, I got to spend XX amount, and ended up getting a Destroyer in Black, very much like the one you describe.


Shortly after, I decided being able to drive was more important, and ended up selling it at a loss, but like you, didn't mind because I was looking toward better things. I got put in rehab, never saw the money again.


Fast forward, WAY in the future, I had a lot of money and I decide I should have an ES-335. I am kinda picky, which I could be because about 7 years ago, couldn't go into a guitar shop without kicking one over. I played a lot of them, but none seemed quite perfect at the time.


While I am still looking, I find and play a Scofield model, which while it wasn't the Gibson I was looking for, seemed to have everything I wanted...so I bought it on a whim, kinda to hold me back for a while. But it really was TOO nice as I got to know it.


I guess the moral here, Ibanez has made, does make, and can make, some really good guitars when and where you find them.

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Now that I've spent 2 days with this, the only reason I'd trade it for an old one, would be resale and buy another one of these and have money left over.


I'm amazed at the fit and finish on this China Ibanez, and stunned with how well it plays. It's as good as any Epiphone, I've played. I just spent an hour, switching between this and my LP Custom, and blindfolded... I'd swear I was playing 2 similar priced guitars. I should say, the LPC has it beat, tone wise, as it should. The Ibanez is a big snarling gorilla, that can sing like Sebastian Bach, or David Coverdale, young Robert Plant. The LPC is a big snarling gorilla, that can sing like those guys, plus throw in Luciano Pavarotti. Those DiMarzio are freaking hot pups. Wow.


The neck is easily as fast. It's a solid piece of mahogany, body is 2 pieces, the sustain is wicked good. Neck is straight. The binding looks as clean, as the 2 Gibson's I own, with binding. Wraps around the whole dang guitar. In person, it's stunning.


The "maple cap"... looks nice, but it could just be a veneer. The mahogany they used for body, feels similar to the SGJ. It's a softer mahogany. Screws feel different, going in and out. Also, the screws and plastic pieces, are bare bones and/or cheap. It's obvious the plating on the gold hardware is more prone to wear. The neck pup might shine up. Might not. Don't really care. You can see where they cut corners, but most of it, is easily replaceable. It's got a good body, great neck. Beautiful fretboard. And according to them it's MoP and Abalone, better than what Gibson uses.


It put up with hanging in a GC for 3 years... and the screws are the biggest complaint. I'm loving it! Glad I waited, ecstatic no one else nabbed it. Plus, it's covered by a 3 year.


I don't think it'll ever be worth more than I paid for it, if that. But, if it holds up as well as the cheap $199 Mitchell guitar, I bought at GC 30 years ago, it'll be a keeper. I'd buy another, if I lost it.


It'll be interesting to see, if the honeymoon lasts.


Pictured with my Studio Pro


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Happy new guitar day!


I have a similar story too. How I lost my first Gibson ever. A '92 Les Paul Studio ebony. In 1994 my instructor was selling a '74 Black Beauty for 80.000 Hungarian Forints. I quickly sold my Studio, but I was still late. Meanwhile, He sold the BB.


Best wishes... Bence

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