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Les Paul Deluxe 2015


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Hi there quite a few retailers in Europe blowing out the 2015 Les Pauls at silly prices


My question is would it worth my while getting one considering the issues with the tuners, zero nut etc... ??


Was looking at the deluxe model with mini humbuckers in a gold top finish.


I already have 3 other Les Paul but the price is too good to ignore.


thanks !

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I would say that if you already have 3 other Les Pauls, and you admit there might be problems with the nut and the robot tuner on the 2015's, maybe you should hold off buying one.

I know it's tempting, especially when the price is so low, but I would advise sleeping on it, and thinking long and hard about it.



There IS the chance that, many years from now, the 2015's will appreciate in value, simply because of the distinctive features of that model year.

But it is a gamble.



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I'd say that if you pick one up and you're happy with it; do it.


Tuners can be replaced, as can the nut.




However, try it first. Don't buy it unseen! The wider neck is not to everyone's liking.


Good luck... Bence

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thats my problem no music store here in Gibraltar I would have to mail order unseen


I may pass, or roll the dice and take a gamble


the reviews I have read on the g force tuners and brass nut arent too good, so I would need to get those sorted... the price is silly low however.

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But what would the total investment be after you have replaced the tuners and nut?


I've been sucked in to buying things just because they were a good price, only to see them sit on the shelf and gather dust.


Like Sparquelito says, hold on until there is a guitar that you really want. Not just a good price.

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