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1937 L-00 Legend Model made in 2008 for sale

Tim B

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I have a Gibson 1937 L-00 Legend model guitar made in 2008 for sale. The 1937 Legend model is an authentic recreation of a 1937 Gibson L-00 currently owned by recording artist and hit maker Lee Roy Parnell.

This guitar is hands down superior to the original 1930's L-00 that was stolen in 1990 and is in mint condition. Unfortunately personal circumstance requires that I must sell the L-00.

Please see my eBay listing for full details


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This is a nice guitar and I wish you luck selling it. Actually I found it on eBay first. At any rate, what really struck me like a bolt of lightning was that you can go to at least two of the very high end vintage dealers and buy really clean L-00 guitars of the 1936 era for as much, and in a couple cases for less than this Legend is going for. I know, sometimes old vintage guitars are just that, really old tired guitars whereas the Legends, Historicals, and to a certain extent the True Vintage guitars give you the old reflected in a newly manufactured guitar (I own a J-45TV). Some may think why should I spend the money on this Legend when for close to the same price on either side I can have the real thing.

As I said, you have a great L-00 and I wish you the best of luck selling it.


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I have a 1932 L00 Reissue that is very nice and close to the original as far as build and looks, it just needs 80 years of aging and playing. But I'm assuming it's not as authentic as the Legend.


My understanding is the Legend series guitars are a painstakingly recreation of an original example Gibson has or borrowed, down to the saw tooth pattern on the bracing. You need to have an appreciation of the effort and craftsmanship in these models to pay that price which in my opinion is okay. I believe some of our members have this model.


Got the money, can appreciate it, go for it. Pretty much like the Martin Authentic series.


I have the J45 Legend and it's very impressive. Besides, it cured my itch to go looking for a vintage one. I would still nab one if I found the right one, but I'm not looking.


Just my two cents.




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