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2015 traditional setup


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Hi. Just got my first lp traditional. It's a 2015 and was considerably cheaper than list price, seems like a very nice guitar. My question is how high should the tail piece sit above the body from factory? The shop I bought it from thinks there may be some setup issues but I'm not so sure as pictures of similar guitars show similar degrees of height. Also, zero fret was adjusted with nuts screws right in so not visible, is this normal?

A further non related issue was the condition of the case, very bad to say the least. All the felt on the inside is coming away from the internal edges. Is this a warranty claim or just the norm? The former I hope.

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Hello and welcome...


Generally speaking the tailpiece can sit as high or low as you like it as long as its not so low that the strings are hitting the back of the bridge....


As far as the nut goes... Well again theres no real set rules.. people like it different.. But again, generally you can put it as low as you can get it before the strings start to buzz then obviously you know its too low.. If you are playing slide guitar for example, then you want it high...


Happy playing... those 2015s are going at great prices for people who like them [thumbup]

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My rule of thumb is this;


If the guitar stays in tune, the action is low and easy, the strings don't buzz, the intonation is correct, and it sounds good?


It's a perfect guitar.


Rabs is right, there's no standard right or wrong answer to how a guitar comes out of the factory.

If it doesn't sound or feel right, make all due adjustments until it is right.



Merry Christmas!!


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