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Hi all,


couple of years ago i bought my Gibson guitar and have been using with standard E tuning (0.10 inch strings). I got one of my strings broken and wanted to replaced them all. I am having issue with my Floyd rose. i got all strings tuned to standard properly but the bridge is way too high. when i attempted to tighten the spring screws, it seems like they wont effect too much. i got them all the way down but still Floyd rose is way too high. i am experiencing first time something like that with my guitar.

my guess is the springs don't have enough tension to hold the bridge down. and it looks like i may need to add some more. But it is interesting that so far everything was OK with my three springs, why so suddenly i am experiencing that issue?


Maybe i should remove all the strings first and by new set of springs and try again. i would be glad if you could suggest me something to solve that problem.


thanks in advance

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