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This is what I'm working with.

Mick Amon

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I live on a disability check so the budget is tight. I lay in a hospital bed and play Rocksmith on an Xbox 360, and it turned out that the LP was a bit too heavy to deal with and I also didn't want to ding it while I was loading/unloading it from my lap. I decided to get a beater to play with, and went after a black S300, which was the first guitar I ever owned. It's basically fried and I can't afford to fix it up yet, so I caught a sale at GC and picked up an LP Special I with P90's from GC brand new shipped two-day for $99. It doesn't sound as good as the LE, but it really does sound great, especially for the price! Came set up nicely right out of the box! Here's my gear, and I'm pretty pleased with what I pulled together on a budget:




I got the 2001 Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition (Korea) Trans Black with a Seymour Duncan bridge pup upgrade and a pro setup for $279. This one is reserved for songs that I have mastered in Rocksmith to be played through the half-stack with an MP3 of the song with the guitar removed. It's basically my motivation! I have to prove myself worthy to play this gorgeous piece of mahogany (self-imposed restriction).


The 1995 S300 is going to be restored to look like my first guitar ever, which I had to pawn when I was homeless after a house fire and couldn't get back. I'll either have to buy another one with a black faceplate or have one made, my original was blacked out completely, including the jack plate, bridge, and tuners. Whether I stain the neck ebony is still up in the air.


The $99 LP Special I with P90's is a doll baby for the price and plays/sounds amazing for my low skill level. This thing has sustain for days and the tones on it are panty-dropping.


The Acoustic half stack was a very, very special treat. I caught both parts on clearance through GC brand new. The cabinet is a G412A (4x12) and cost me a whopping $99 delivered to my house! The head is a G120H (120W) and cost me... a whopping $99 delivered to my house! I'm shying away from my metalhead roots and I've been playing a lot more cleans lately, and this amp just kills them. Distortion isn't incredible on it, but a pedal will fix that easily.


If you're still learning to play or you want to have a lot of fun, I would recommend Rocksmith 2014 to anyone out there, even you massively talented players. It's a hell of a lot of fun! If you can afford to pick up a copy of RS1, you can import the songs from it into 2014 and double the size of the library pretty cheaply, too. Sorry for the long rant, but I don't have anyone else to talk to about this stuff, and I love the way you folks have been so helpful and welcoming! Here's to being able to play like most of you someday!

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Welcome, Mick! Looks like you have a pretty good "rig," especially for the money invested!

I've never played the newer "Acoustic" guitar amps (I've played the '60's versions) but, their

Bass Amps, that I have played, are pretty Awesome! And, really reasonable, price wise!


So, if the guitar amps are at least as good as the bass rigs, you should be "just fine!"


Besides, most of it is in your heart, and fingers! Gear is merely the "tools of the trade"...

expensive, or otherwise.


Enjoy! [thumbup][biggrin]



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Good selection of equipment, Mick. I agree you've done well for your budget. You should get a whole lot of nice sounds from the Acoustic amp and guitars. Certainly good enough equipment to take you a long way in your musical progress! [thumbup]

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Hi Mick


thank you for sharing your story with us.


I admire your commitment, and positive attitude,, that is truly inspiring!


my bro in-law has the 2x12 version of that amp.


Back in the day I had an acoustic head and a 4x12 cab. Solid State, and I used to have a lot of issues with it, but holy crap, when it was working right, was that thing loud...


Merry Christmas!

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Thanks, everybody! I know that liking my gear will make me want to play more, so I picked pretty on top of quality. I should be posting my first "guitar porn" soon, the Special is getting Grovers, a bridge, and some other updates. Still won't have $200 in it!

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Here's a couple of ideas for your 1995 S300 to get that "black out" look and keep on budget.





Have not tried them myself, but I've heard/read a lot of positive feedback (no pun intended) about them.

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Tip: Strat scratchplates do not work on Epi's. There is a gap showing the routing of the neck pickup.



Yeah, I bought the pickguard and a black Fender trim kit. It caught me off guard, but NOTHING fit! Not just the pickguard, but the back plate, pickup covers, knobs, none of it. It turns out that the one I had was an S310Bk so I'll be selling this S300 to get one. Maybe I'll forget the sentimentality and get myself an S600 instead. Thanks for trying to help!

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Can't you just make a PG using the pattern of the white one?


This is one I made from acrylic and painted the back of it. Much nicer than just coloured plastic.





That is so far out of the realm of my knowledge it's insane. I wouldn't know what material, where to get it, or how to do anything but maybe Dremel it into submission.


Edit: That looks amazing!!!

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