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G-Force new tuner key problem


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I am a new owner of a g-force equipped Gibson. I called Gibson today and explained a problem I encountered with one of the tuning keys. As I was trying to manually tune I could not get the string to tune manually, I thought the tuner gears were stripped like I read some others have experienced but when I tried to turn the key , the plastic key came off of the metal tuner. It looks like the key came unglued or wore out from use. I have not had the guitar long, I don't know how long it was at the store on the wall and might have been turned (tuned ) by others looking at the guitar. I explained to Gibson and they are sending a new tuner. But I am now concerned this is going to happen to the others, especially if you use the tuner manually. I would like to hear if any others have experienced this, Gibson said no one else reported this as a problem. I hope that is true and I had a defective part. I did notice the 2016 HP versions of G-Force all have metal tuning keys that are screwed in. I hope this change was not because of a defect in the plastic keys not holding up.

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