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Beware the dreaded "999"?


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Is there an upper limit on our posts? Some of our good friends have disappeared off this forum, i.e. not a word is heard from them after they reach post number 999.


Is this true? Do we have to police our own old posts to regain status on this forum?

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Since February 13 2008 TommyK has posted 588 times or more. That is 2 posts every single day.

Since December 28 2007 Thundergod has posted 4614 times or more - 11 posts daily plus.

Perhaps people get to a certain point and realise that there is more to life.

Perhaps it is a satanist thing - number of the beast and the like.

Perhaps it is the Gibson Triangle - like Bermuda for guitar.

Who has gone and where have they gone to TommyK.

Name names, expose the mods who do this.

Are we all doomed to disappear.

I still have a ways to go.

Must post more.



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