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NGD Hummingbird


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True, Em7: so busy noticing Red with Tulips, Rose with Keystones, and a ready home venue, that the dark burst was overlooked at stage-left. . . Might that be the 1934 OJ?


And- could this photo have worked with that 'Bird anywhere but center stage? :


Oh yes, of course it is - that model for some reason has an embarrassingly small shelf on this upper floor.


You're right again - the maple flier is well place. Guess the Jumbo could take center-stage too. .




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If i was buying a hummingbird, it would be that colour. Love those red n orange bursts.



Pleasant surprise for me, bbg - thought you were the more toned down type. Would you take maple as well ?


I personally find it a bit too red - but then again am totally mesmerized by the more orange/caramel TV. .


Wow that connection is primal and I can't wait to see it yellow in that degree further.


Such development of course will suite the Red spruce maple too - in the long run it may even end up like a TV.

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Thanks for the nice compliments. Let me answer a few questions. Yes it's a 34 Original Jumbo Reissue. The Bird is the Red Spruce version that's actually Mahogany not Maple. I love the bright red on the burst, the bird sounds great. The Red Spurce gives it a little more punch but I can tell it needs to break in as it does a bit stiff. The J200 is the Mystic Rosewood version which gives it a bass response that I really enjoy.

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