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Batty von Bats

Version 2.5 DRN

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Deckadance 2.51



* [fix] - Fixed a problem opening the MIDI ports when using various identical controllers [DD-371].

* [new] - Added MIDI scripts for M-Audio X-Session Pro controller [DD-372].

* [chg] - Renamed correctly some Hercules MIDI scripts [DD-373].



Deckadance 2.50



* [new] - New MIDI learning engine [DD-343].

* [imp] - Refactoring classes and code [DD-344].

* [imp] - Code cleaning and maintenance [DD-345].

* [imp] - Reorganization of project files and filenames [DD-346].

* [imp] - Added documentation to some internal classes [DD-347].

* [imp] - Added license to the header of project files [DD-348].

* [imp] - Juce libraries upgraded to version 3.x [DD-349].

* [fix] - Fixed a problem when samplerate is changed that affects to Fx section and disk recorder [DD-350].

* [fix] - Fixed play synced command and right click behavior on play button [DD-351].

* [chg] - Updated OSX project to Yosemite [DD-352].

* [chg] - Removed ILRenderer and dependency of Freetype libraries [DD-353].

* [chg] - Removed Mufin libraries [DD-354].

* [chg] - Removed obsolete native controllers engine and changing them to scripts (work in progress) [DD-355].

* [fix] - Titlebar buttons are hidden correctly in OSX fullscreen mode [DD-356].

* [imp] - Reorganization of MIDI script and ILRemote folders [DD-357].

* [new] - Added MIDI script for Stanton DJC.4 [DD-358].

* [imp] - Fx state is saved and restored at startup [DD-359].

* [chg] - Changed splash screen and about box [DD-360].

* [imp] - Reduced startup time [DD-361].

* [new] - Grossbeat section state is saved and restored at startup [DD-362].

* [new] - SmartKnob section state is saved and restored at startup [DD-363].

* [new] - Added MIDI script for Stanton SCS.4DJ [DD-364].

* [new] - Added new registration system [DD-365].

* [fix] - Fixed Compatibility problems with recent versions of iTunes [DD-366].

* [imp] - Improved storage of beatmark files using a hashed directory structure [DD-367].

* [new] - Added MIDI scripts for CMD PL-1, DC-1, DV-1, MM-1, LC-1 and Studio 4A controllers [DD-368].

* [fix] - Fixed a bug in preferences dialog related to showing/hiding tooltips info [DD-369].

* [new] - Added MIDI scripts for Hercules controllers: DJC Jogvision, DJC Compact, DJC MP3 e2/LE/GLOW

(Special thanks to DJ Phatso, Hercules technical support) [DD-370].






[new] = New Feature.

[imp] = Improvement.

[fix] = Bug fix.

[chg] = Change.

[kis] = Known issue.

[DD-] = Deckadance internal reference issue number.

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