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Happy New Amp Day


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So, I began to miss the old Marshall bark that the Engl just couldn't deliver. Don't get me wrong, the Engl had a lovely tone, but it wasn't for me. I was hell bent on getting another Marshall (TSL to replace the old one I had), but fate lead me to look at a Blackstar. Then, a stroke of luck made it so that a chap wanted my Engl and he had a Blackstar to trade...needless to say the deal was done:




It's a Series One 45, 45w EL34 powered combo, running a pair of Celestion V-30's. It's very versatile, 2 clean modes, 2 dirty modes, all four of which love the Les Paul! The Strats aren't quite as at home on the Bright Clean (bit ice pick like), but love the other three modes.

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Congrats on your Blackstar, Nick! They are rather versatile amps. [thumbup]


Does ice picking mean you sound like Robert Cray when playing your Strat? I always thought it had a lot to do with the hardtail construction he prefers.


Thanks buddy :)


It's very much take your head off with the treble (at room volume), despite reducing the presence control to zero, and reducing the treble. Granted, on the middle and neck pups, it's brilliant (as you say, Robert Cray-esque) on the Bright Clean, but bridge pickup is a no-no unless I want to shatter eardrums :D

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