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Numark Orbit Script and Color Template

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Last year, I presented TheMoroney DJ2GO template for Deckadance. Well, I am back with a new template for the Numark Orbit, Numark's futuristic dj controller.


The file I have uploaded is complete with the Numark Orbit Editor color file that has been custom created for this mapping.


Installation steps

1. Download zip file from link on this page.

2. Open your downloads folder in a new file explorer window.

3. Extract the zip file.

4. Connect the Numark Orbit to your computer

5. Open Numark Orbit editor.

6. Click the load mapping button

7. Navigate to the folder that was created by extracting the zip file.

8. Select and open the .json file.

9. Click the send button in the Numark Orbit editor.

10. When finished, close Numark Orbit editor.

11. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Stanton\Deckadance 2\script_files\Numark in file explorer.

12.Copy script (the .c file) from the folder created in step 3 to C:\Program Files (x86)\Stanton\Deckadance 2\script_files\Numark.

13. Open Deckadance.

14. Open Deckadance settings.

15. Select Midi Control.

16. For control surface select TheMoroneyNumarkOrbit

17. select appropriate inputs and out puts

18. Done


Photos containing documentation as to what button goes to what will be posted in a future post.


Also, Feel free to post suggestions for future improvements.

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