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Pick up suggestions for '61 RI


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I have '61 reissue from 2012. Love the feel and looks, but I have found I way prefer the sounds of the SG standards and my LP (from '72, with the T-tops). I just want a thicker, darker sound, less chimey.


Anyone have any experience or advice on what pickups might get me closer to that sound?


Here she is, bone stock:



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Well, if you know you love T-Tops, go on E-bay and find some! [flapper][biggrin]


'57's are wonderful pickups, and based only on what you've said, maybe you just need

to fool around with your SG's tone controls, or the EQ on your amp(s) a bit more?


Having said that, some people love the 490's, or hotter 498's in SG's. Do you want

"hotter" pickups, more distortion, less "chime," more mid-range, or less??? It really

depends on what you're after, what music style/sound you prefer. It's really difficult,

to impossible, to advise you on pickups, knowing nothing of your actual preferences.

We can't know what YOU hear, both through your ears, and what's in your head/imagination.

Besides, good or great "tone" is SO subjective! Only you can make that determination.


I will say, that '57's are one of Gibson's most versatile pickups, and suited for a wide

range of musical styles, and tastes. The AMP, IMHO, makes far more difference, than any

of the various pickups. But, that's just Me! [tongue][biggrin]


Good Luck, on your quest! [thumbup]



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