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335 2015 Truss Rod Key?


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Hi everybody, I bought recently an ES-335 2015 model, and because it needed some adjustment, I got a 5/16" truss rod key, which was supposed to fit the 335, but it seems to be a bit smaller than the truss rod.


So my question is, does anybody know which size would be appropiate for a Memphis ES-335 2015?


Thanks a lot.

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Hello Sir, and welcome to this nice place.


It should be a 5/16" nut indeed. A thight fit is common, and some deposit of finish on the nut makes it even tighter. Carefully wiggling the key onto the nut may help. All of my Gibsons needed that when I layed hands on the truss-rod nut for the first time. And it will take care to remove the key after, too.


Hope this helps.


By the way, pics of your new guitar would be fine [love][biggrin]

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