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Mumbai spam


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It's all the phone calls that piss me off!


Gonna get me a whistle~


I'm retired, and I'm sometimes bored so I see how long I can keep those idiots on the line.


Between Christmas and New year, I got the usual call about them detecting problems on my computer...

My lines went:

Merry Christmas

And was Santa good to you?

Were you able to get together with your family for the celebrations?

I hope the food was good. Tell me, was it?

What did you like best?

And what are your plans for New Years Eve?


Along the way, I told him all about my Christmas activities.


Then I told him I thought he was lying to me.

- "Oh, no. Why would you think that?"

Because you talk with an Indian accent, and "Dexter Ramirez" isn't an Indian name.

- Shock, disbelief and denials.

I said if we didn't have trust and mutual respect, then there was little to be accomplished by carrying on the conversation and hung up.


I still think I'm hilarious.

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The one I had the most fun with was some sheila ringing to see luxury holidays on the Barrier Reef.


I listened to her (because she wasn't Indian) and made all the right noises right up until the "crunch" when I said, "Will it be alright to bring our dog? We never go anywhere without our Border Collie!"


She hung up on me...can you believe that?

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