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I get a few emails from Acoustic Guitar Mag, well sometimes one every 1/2 hour. This is interesting:






If it was 1/2 as good as the blurb, it would be worthwhile looking at! Good idea though, looks fiddly and a bit amateur? Not a huge outlay, so I may try it. May not, depending on the replies we get here from the current owners........ [tongue]


I had a vision of playing live through the iRig Acoustic and the phone rings...."Hi Honey, What? Gone to your mother's? OK. At the gig. Have to go. Bye!



It would be great to have one like it but bluetooth and no nuisance leads. Can't be far off that little dream? :mellow:






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I like the flexibility to "plug-in" on all of my guitars. The 2006 J-45 Legend I have sports a bridge plate that is small - not wide enough to infall the Trance Audio Amulets that I like - this little clip on might just be the trick. Am I reading it right ? $50 bucks? Yeah, I think I have the ability to find most of that in the couch cushions. <_<

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