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Ive been on the lookout for some coverage on the 2016 epi line- looks like another year of not reinventing the wheel. Youd think if theyre going to release an official namm video, teyd get a guy that knows what he's talking about at all- he calls the gcjr casino a semi hollow with block inlays, calls the sheraton a casino, and the joe pasSes and broadways semi hollow. Then hes on te back foot talking about improved quality? Cmon guys get it together!


Also, get me a mccartney/ george harrison casino with bigsby and a non-reverse firebird with p90s please 😝

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Nothing at all for me, so much scope for epiphone to produce, we all seem to want the same type of things but maybe someting for us in the summer!

I read somewhere about an elitist corronet i think, a sig of some jap bloke so prob just for the jap market AGAIN!

Gretsch will get my money again though with the green streamline, thats two in a row away from epi through lack of new choice!

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I kind of wonder why they have yet to reissue the Emperor Regent, disco'd in 2010, that was really nice/affordable jazz box right there.


[thumbup] My thoughts exactly. In the mean time it's one of these for me and gladly so . . .






Apparently these were built quite well . . .










‎Oliver Dunskus‎ to Friends of the Archtop Guitar


8 hrs ·




Turning an Epiphone Emperor Regent (A poor man's Johnny Smith, from the Korean Peerless Factory) into a Gibson Wes Montgomery clone.


I loved the playability and appearance of the instrument, but the floating pick-up and laminated top made the electric sound very thin, although it was a kent armstrong (now for sale).


The top turned out to be 9 (!) layers of laminated maple, altogether 8mm thick (!) with a thin layer of wood at the surface. (an ES-175 has three layers and about 5mm). the guitar sounds better acoustically WITH the hole inside... although everyone always says the opposite and you usually cannot compare.


First we did a neck reset, rounding the fret edges, correcting the bridge setup and the little gaps in the bridge.


The pick-up hole took us about one and a half hours, precision measuring, drilling, hand-sawing, allowing enough distance between pickup and the edges. fortunately there was enough space between the bracing, but the polyester varnish was rigid and a mess as it came off in cracks at the edges of the hole.


in came a classic Gibson 57 PAF Humbucker, the real thing.

the pickguard still needs to be replaced, and i need to think about the tailpiece too.


i never use the tone control so that was not added, just a volume knob.


then the big moment to plug and play - stunning! it plays and sounds like my Gibson L-5, i simply cannot believe it.

How much did i pay? 640€ in total: 400€ for the guitar, 80€ for the pickup, 10€ for frame, screws etc, and 150€ for the service, that was provided by Ali Claudi, a german jazz guitar legend and passionate guitar repairman. his knowledge about archtops is incredible, after 55 years on stage and owning 150 guitars over the years.


i am so happy. will post soundfiles later.

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