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Which are you ?


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I generally use a pick.


There are one or two songs in my band's song list that require finger-picking (Dust In The Wind by Kansas, and Landslide by Stevie Nicks, to name a few).


But all in all, I am a die-hard pick user.

I generally run around with four or five in my pocket at all times, day or night.


I'm weird that way.




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I did use a pick a lot of the time until recently. However, I'm now receiving tuition in music theory and starting to go through chord progressions and key changes/modulation on a classical nylon string. So I am tending to use my fingers more and more as I do this but I also use steel-strings as well. Does interesting things to your fingers. Was Ouch! for a while.

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For decades I played with a flatpick and sometimes picked additional notes using middle or ring finger. Using my ring finger has always been my way of picking octaves.


After a seven-year hiatus from playing bass I decided in 1994 to switch from flatpick to fingers. Another bass hiatus followed from 1996 to 2013 but I decided to stay with fingerpicking the bass.


Finally I started experimenting with fingerpicking on guitar, too, and currently use it to about 25 or 30 percent of my playing. Power and endurance of my index and middle finger are fine due to playing bass, and although I use my ring finger seldom for bass patterns, it also feels and sounds nice - on my beginner level, of course. [rolleyes] However, my little finger will take me lots more practicing, but I found it nice to pick with it, too.


Being a hack as a flatpick player as well, my progress in fingerpicking is not worth mentioning on principal, but anyway, I'm having lots of fun. [biggrin] Picking three or four strings with perfect synchronicity sounds very different from strumming with a pick. I use my fingers for picking and brushing one string per finger as well, and there is lots of sonic differences to discover.


My biggest problem seem to be fast arpeggio patterns, with fingers and flatpick as well. I fear I will never get this trouble sorted :unsure:

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Never could stand any calluses and fortunately never have any. The currently four of my fretting and picking bandmates also couldn't. Two of them are pro players since 30+ years, and they say it would be hell for them. Only the cuts of their fingernails tell what they presumably do several hours per day.

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