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What Gibson is this?


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Hi there! Yes, I'm a newbie here. Proud owner of a Gibbie SG Standard by the way! The reason why I'm here: A guy in my neighbourhood is selling this 'Gibson', but I can't find any model on the web that remotely resembles this model. There's no info in the advert; he doesn't seem to know what it is (...). He's asking 1000 Euros. I'm not sure if it's a real Gibson. Any info is welcome!!!






post-76432-081663100 1453214336_thumb.jpg

post-76432-029993800 1453214351_thumb.jpg

post-76432-077598500 1453214368_thumb.jpg

post-76432-001099500 1453214378_thumb.jpg

post-76432-009547900 1453214386_thumb.jpg

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