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petition to bring back the SG Classic w/ P-90s


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Gets my vote to be brought back!!!




How about a Gibson SG heritage cherry with chrome hardware, a black pickguard and a single P-90 (Bridge) at an MSRP of around $ 800…I’d buy 2 for the road right now!!!


You have all the R&D already and it wouldn’t cost you anything to make. Plus you get into the cool retro market with a guitar like that.


…but what do I know…I just buy your Guitars.

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How bout instead of bringing back the sg classic, bring back that GOW SG Special. Don't get me wrong the SG classic is a beautiful guitar but I would like to see a '63 SG Junior with the batwing or '64-'65 SG Special. Something new would definitely spice up the SG product line.

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