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Dark Fire Guitar FIRMWARE Details


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Dark Fire Guitar FIRMWARE Details


Here is what the firmware update will accomplish at this point.


Bug fixes:


1. Tuning problem while RIP connected fixed. Communication to the RIP is disabled temporarily during tuning process and it’s switched on again automatically.


2. Shutdown was incomplete when PEQ and Piezo signal were off and MCK was pressed down at PEG position (MCK LEDs went off but body electronics was left on)




1. Velocity and acceleration of the Powerheads isn’t calculated dynamically any more. In some cases the cutback was too big which resulted in a performance loss.


2. When entering Play Mode (MCK pushed back with MCK in PEG position), the communication with the MCK Display was deactivated to reduce noise.


3. A delay was added in Intonation Mode after the base frequency of a string is detected. The reason was to smoothen the procedure of entering the base frequency and after this the first harmonic.


4. Store and Play functionality in Chameleon Mode: after composing a sound the user now can simply push down the MCK in order to save and link the settings to the actual preset and to enter Play Mode.


New functionality


1. LED Guitar now blinks in Tuning Mode if the selected preset comes with Piezo Signal enabled.


Background: Because the Piezo signal is not available on Ring or Tip during tuning, the LED-Guitar was switched off in Tuning Mode. We found out, that this is confusing to the user because it’s not obvious why the Piezo signal isn’t available.


To indicate that the Piezo signal is just temporary disabled the LED-Guitar now blinks green or blue while Tuning Mode is active.


2. Escape to 'Les Paul classic' function on LED-Arrow. Rotate MCK to LED-Arrow and press Enter (any bank color). Dark Fire becomes a regular Les Paul guitar immediately (Gibson Classic coil switching, PEQ off, Piezo off)


3. Powerhead Blocking Detection. The command to the Powerheads and the resulting change of frequency is monitored. When a blocking is detected, velocity and acceleration is reduced.




Manual Download link:


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