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Which should I buy?

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I notice you say standard and not special. If you were comparing the special to the Epi I would have said its the Epi but the Standard is another proposition entirely. However they are significantly different guitars and at significantly different price-points so to be honest its a question of what you like and what you are willing, or able, to pay. Also bear in mind the Iommi has extra frets and you may want them. If so the Gibby isnt for you!

Before you buy, let me confuse you by throwing in another option, the Epiphone SG prophecy in either Dirty Fingers or EMG configuration. Also has the extended fret board and a beautiful slim neck. Probably the best SG Epi have ever made and still cheaper by far than a Gibby Standard. Try the genuine Gibson dirty fingers on the prophecy (either pup) at about 3/4 max volume and with almost max tone and try not to fall in love with that beautiful warm rich sound! Or if you are a shred head, try the EMG equipped version.

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