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Is There No Market?


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For live music on television?


MTV, VH1, CMT, GAC, are joke.


Is it me, or would a channel dedicated to live shows of REAL music, not rap, but classic stuff, as well as new, fail?


I know when PBS needs money, they run some good stuff.


Obviously there is no market because there are plenty of channels of crap. You can watch Spongebob all freakin' day.


There must be tens of thousands of hours of videos of great bands performing live. I saw a video of Blackmores Rainbow a few years back that was GREAT.......


I don't get it.......



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Palladia (formerly MHD) on HD programming is all music.


I have seen a bunch of good stuff there, ZZ Top in Texas, Tom Petty Part I and II, Sheryl Crow part I and II, Black Crowes Unplugged, Lifehouse Unplugged, U2 Rattle and Hum, AC/DC live in Spain, etc.


They have a show called Storyteller, I have seen Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Green Day.


I am sure they will ruin it and start stupid shows once it gets more popular.


If you don't have HD then look for VH1 Classic, they have a lot of rockumentries, shows and music related movies.

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