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Hi all


I´ve got an old Gibson Marauder (Blonde I think it´s called) and I tried to find out what year it was made but it just does´nt seem to add up =/

When I entered the serial number (926806) stamped on the back of the head on this site http://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx

I got no results.

Then I entered the serial number plus checking boxes under Vintage Panel saying " Impressed into back of headstock "

and MADE IN USA' stamped on headstock i got this result :

Your guitar was made at the

Kalamazoo or Nashville Plant , USA

approximately in: 1970, 1971 or 1972


However I believe the Marauder was first made in 1975.


I´m sad to say yhat I don´t know any of the history of the guitar other than I bougth it in the late -80´s in Sweden.

Anyone out there who can help me to identify my guitar or direct me to a site where I can get the correct info ??





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The first Marauder was indeed shipped in early 1975, though the model was introduced in 1974.


It was a difficult time for sales at Gibson, believe it or not.

There's a very good chance that your neck was originally produced in 1972, (ostensibly destined to be mounted on a Flying V), but sales were down, so the neck may have sat in bench stock for a couple of years.


I love the Marauder, personally.

I remember that KISS endorsed them, and I was a big KISS fan in those days.


During the Destroyer tour (1976 or so) Paul Stanley used to play a black Marauder on one particular song, and then would destroy it on stage, a la Pete Townsend.

Gibson shipped dozens of Marauders to KISS, for just that purpose.


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