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Need help- lisecnse no longer working after update

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Hi. I am getting really frustrated so maybe someone can help me. I have been a user of deckadance for some time before this 2.5 version came out. Now, I never had any real problems with it. It DID, however, have one thing going on in the 2.43 version I was using that would not let me register, even after using my flregkey, and it wouldnt show a serial number either. I found this odd since I had to make an account with image line to buy it originally and etc. I'll include some pictures to try and help explain the different options I am shown in 2.5 than in 2.43.


After, I downloaded the 2.5, I have not been able to get my older version out of demo mode now - like trying to activate the new one put my old one into demo mode- (it still disk records though..lol) THIS SUCKS because now I dont have any software I can use and record with without sound dropping out every 10 seconds. Please help!!!!


Another thing to note is that for Christmas, I received one of those beringher controllers, the cmd 4a, and it had a voucher code thing. Due to my frustatrion and lack of patience - (keep in mind i've been trying to get help from CAKEWALK, waited 2 days just to post on this forum, Gibson wont help me at all over support email, Image-line can't do anything, Stanton has not responded, AND keep in mind ive had to set up accounts for all these places just to ask for help on what I should already have) - since my orignal working 2.43 edition did not show a serial number, I just whipped out the voucher I had and plugged that per your guys instructions. In the end I wind up with 2 demos now, no working version I can use, Loss of DVS edition on my old working one(just says LE demo mode now) and a freaking 19 digit serial number on the 2.5 version. Im so confused and have been trying to get this resolved for over a week now!!!

post-76718-084138700 1454443191_thumb.jpg

post-76718-024604700 1454443206_thumb.jpg

post-76718-027999100 1454443213_thumb.jpg

post-76718-013451200 1454443224_thumb.jpg

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Sorry to hear about your registering problems.


Old version registration system is different and independent of the new one. Installing version 2.5 shouldn't have an effect over 2.43 one (they are installed in different folders). If version 2.43 is in demo mode then there is a problem with the "FLRegkey" file. Could you try to download it again from your Image-Line account and check one more time if it works? Version 2.43 should give you a DVS version (...taking into account that you bought it from Image Line) independently if you have installed version 2.5 or not in the same computer. If it doesn't work then you could send me your details via a private message and then I would contact directly with Image-Line staff to see what's the problem with your account there.


For version 2.53 you have used the Behringer voucher and you got the LE edition correctly... it's not a demo one (there aren't sound drops every X seconds) but it's a limited edition with some features removed from the full DVS one. We will need to fix first the problem with your Image-Line account and the FLRegkey file and once it's fixed I think that we will be able to get v2.53 DVS edition working too.

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