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Bob Dylan's time capsuled Fender electric


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This is one of the more weird cases of highly praised vintage celeb-guitars.

Simply because it's without any mojo, marks or 'messages' from the past where it saw action.

It is so clean that some conman could switch it out with another with no one being aware before too late.


Still - and no doubt about it - one of the most important instruments of modern western civilization :


A steppin'-tool to the great meeting between intellectual folk and chewing gum pop. One the main items behind, not only a new genre, but a whole new artform.

A symbol, a first torch (no won't call it a sword) a spade of virgin grounds soon turned into plantations of fruits not a soul could imagine only 1 year before.


Wonder if the handwritten lyrics to Nowhere Man, In My Life or Girl could be placed in the same category - probably yes.


That said, I would rather hear and see the Tambourineman's early J-45. The big question is if that one still lives somewhere - probably not.


Worth noticing Dylan himself never paid the Strat interest - he as always was already further, , , now into black'n'white Tele-territory - tumultuous, terrific, world-touring.




1966 ~ Bob%2066.jpg

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