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Gibson LP Studio 1996 Limited Edition


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Hey boys and girls!

A few years ago I bought my first Gibson LP (pictures below). From time to time I was searching for the same model, but I never found exact the same again. Because on the back of the headstock it says "Limited Edition" I did not wonder why. A few days ago, I cleaned it and I saw a "made in Germany" on the backside of the tailpiece; and now I fear, it's a faked one?

Please help me out on this, you've got far more knowledge in this.

The serial number is: 9 261 6 426 (engraved).


I'm from Germany, so don't blame me because of my english pls ;-)
















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Hello and welcome to the Forums!


The guitar looks to be a genuine Gibson.


During, the decades of the Les Paul model's production, some of the hardware has been made in Your country. Schaller bridges and machine heads, for example. Still there are premium German aftermarket suppliers today, like Faber.


Cheers... Bence

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Servus Lasse, willkommen in den Gibson-Foren! [thumbup]


Your Les Paul looks definitely genuine from here.


German OEM parts are widely spread on Gibson and other guitars. My 1978 S-G Standard's stock "Harmonica" bridge says Made in Germany on its bottom as well as the Fishman piezo bridge (!) on my 2013 SG Supra. I think Fishman has the bridge base made by ABM, a German OEM manufacturer. The 1978 "Harmonica" bridge was very likely made by Schaller. My Mexican Fender Floyd Rose Stratocasters came stock with Schaller locking nuts.


Numbers of limited guitars may vary within a wide range. Those of my limited Gibsons are probably between 30 and 400. However, in some cases also four-digit numbers are possible. Furthermore there are Limited Runs with the number of items defined beforehand, and Limited Editions where the number of items is determined by the number of subscriptions within a given period.


Viel Spaß weiterhin mit Deiner Les Paul, Kumpel! [biggrin]

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