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BTW---found a hog top guitar


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Earlier today I played an Alvarez MFA66ce at GC. Went back and bought it this afternoon. It was "used" for a very short time. They first released them right after Christmas and this one ended-up returned. Anyway, I really am intrigued with the warm tone. Gave them 450 for it. It's OM size (whatever that means) and is just a little bit smaller than the dreads. Haven't owned an Alvarez for ages. A very nice mid-priced guitar. Looks brand new. Quality is impressive for what I would expect. They said this is just below their Yari line. It's not a Gibby, but I wasn't expecting it to be..........Still looking for another Gibson. Always room for one more. If you've got one you're selling, give me a yell. Just as soon buy from one of my brothers/sisters in here than somewhere else. (not interested in any small bodies or Songwriter models)

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