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The ESP Pickguard Guitar


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I like it :). Except for the whammy of course.


My only other reservation is the ergonomic change.

Sitting. Does it fall forwards on your lap? Probably.

Standing. Does it rest at the wrong angle about the neck axis? Probably.

It’s a thicker body. That will make it harder to work upstairs (past the neck join).


Style wise, its a clever idea. We are all so familiar with the strat shape, we subconsciously 'add' what aint there.

Thanks for posting Rabs. That is inspiring.


PS I don’t mind Scott Grove’s attitude. I learned to look past his intolerance and waffling. Not everyone can I know.

(By contrast, Will Gelvin eventually wore all the way through my patience)

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Hmm, not sure how that would work with my guitar stand - certainly an new approach to weight relief [laugh]


I like Scott and watch quite a few of his reviews and tips.I'll take his opinionatedness over others' self importance, and his genuine loopiness over others' contrived zaniness any day.I like PHIL X and the Tone King too...they are all characters without activating my 'BS ulterior motive' antennae. [thumbup]

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What the hell :)






I could only find one vid about these and its that Scott Grove bloke.. If you can take it, he does actually play one so you can hear it (about 14:20 in)

Those strats are essentially Steinberger copies, that design came out in 1981. As for Scott Grove he is annoying. Not because i dont agree with his opinions because some i do, some i dont. He is annoying because he would fight with anyone who disagreed with him and block them, even if you were polite about it. Now he has his comments completely blocked so you cant even write, the guy is probably bi polar or something lol. anyways, that strat is what i would call a Stratberger :)


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Those strats are essentially Steinberger copies, that design came out in 1981.


I don't agree. The ESP thingy is just the wood under the pickguard, a normal strat guitar just cut down and with the jack on the back, which isn't new either.


The Steinberger was revolutionary, made of really weird materials, had really weird pickups, that blasted whammy bar, and no head stock at all. It was scary to us Fender/Gibson/Martin American made guitar players.


The ESP is a joke, they'll sell seven or eight and give it up. The Steinbergers did well for quite some time, still do I think. They had a couple big endorsers too.



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Do they do a Tele version?, or even better I think they should do a Les Paul version [laugh] (no that really wouldn't work)


I just realised upon reading a Wiki article that Gibson is Steinberger's parent company. How bizarre...and I must have scrolled past it a million times on this forum without noticing, but here it is!



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