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Hello all


Finally online again after being offline for a week; had to get a new HD as the old one has an error on it and can't be cloned.


So got computer back today, new HD is C drive and techie has left old HD as E drive with all stuff still on it.


I have to reinstall all my pgms (poa), but I need a plug-in to watch you tube vids on the Gibson lounge as I get blank screen and message "plug-in needed to watch this" etc. What plug-in? Where do I get that?


Any help appreciated.

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Got it, did it....should have known - many thanks Rabs, you have my vote as Forum member most likely to have good info and help!

Managed to import all my favorites/bookmarks too - phew that was lucky.


Back garden now covered in black poly to keep rain off (you should have seen me running around in that storm last Monday) and I am getting a quote for some work from a trusted source who I think will be able to help.

I have had many suggestions, e.g. "John you could do this yourself"....Now while I am smart enough to build a wall in principle I have nil experience and I am not going to start with this one and a "walls and brickwork for dummies" type guide. It's got to be done proper!

I will update and post pics when I have some progress.

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