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LR Baggs M1 Active Pickup

Scott Howarth

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I've installed two of them. I like the M1 Active. To me it's a warm, acoustic tone. The install is a breeze, providing you have the right tool for drilling an end pin hole. It's not difficult at all. You just need the right tools. Nice pickup to my ears. Lots of good pickups out there at similar prices. I just like the Baggs items. The Baggs Lyric is another good one, though about 40 bucks higher.

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I picked up a '78 J45 and am going to add a pickup to it. It seams as though the LR Baggs M1A is the one to go with. Has anyone had one of these installed? Thoughts on it or other suggestions?





I have pickups in most of my acoustics. My two favorites are:

1) K&K mini (I have it in my D35... Also get an orchid muting DI to go between the guitar and the amp or board)

2) Baggs M1a (I have it in my Martin D15)

I like these pickups better than the USTs in my Gibsons.

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I like the M1A as well. Some find them a little too metallic sounding but I am happy with mine. The poles are adjustable so you can dial it in according to the nuances of your guitar. It does well at high volume with minimal feedback, easy to slack a couple strings and remove it if you want to, you can get an 1/8-1/4 cable if you don't want to alter the strap pin (end pin).

I have a Lyric as well because I don't like anything between the bridge saddle and guitar top (UST).

Installation is easy if you are handy with tools. I prefer to use a reamer to drill the end block, a little slower but a lot less risk of cracking the tailblock. Although I have seen others go after it with a spade bit.

Good luck with it and welcome!

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