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Would this binding flaw bother you?


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Are you talking about what looks (to me, at that distance/angle) like the binding not being scraped clean,

up to the body, in a couple places? IF so, any decent Luthier, should be able to correct that, for you.


Although, granted, for the price Gibson is asking, you should never have to deal with that kind of

thing, in the first place. So, it will just depend on what you're willing to live with. It won't

effect tone or playability, obviously. So...?? If you love the guitar, in all other ways, just

have a good luthier scrape the binding. Or, send it back to Gibson, and let them do it! You'd

probably have to wait awhile, as their turnaround times, can be a bit lengthy.


Cheers, and good luck!



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Well, I have to tell it like it is. ALL FLAWS BOTHER ME and I most always can't hide from it. [cursing] Thing is, I have to be able to see the flaw for it to matter to me though. [rolleyes] I can't see anything maybe w/o being in person and a fine tooth comb inspection.


Looks good from my computer monitor but I believe you can see one.



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I cant see the flaw at all. Its unlikely that anyone who doesnt handle it up close will either. So as long as you dont let it bug you personally, its ok.


When you start using globs of glue in place of a missing switch tip, and gaffer tape to keep the wiring from spilling out because you've mislaid panel screws, you'll be a guitar slob like me.


Until that day, enjoy that very juicy LP. It looks great.

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I don't know where your talking about and I can't see anything......


Well I was going to post pics of the flaw once I got the guitar but now I'll never get the chance to. They sent me a different one instead... No flaws...a bit flamier than I'd normally care for but I'll take it! I just posted it under a NGD.

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No, I never took receipt of the guitar. I thought I was buying a blem, noticed it in the photo from the online store but when it arrived today it was a different guitar. If it had been the guitar with the blemish I would have had it checked out then made my decision. As it is, all swell that ends well.

And while I appreciate your prayers, I've been through the worrying over every ding and scratch thing with my J45 over the last several years. Those don't bother me.

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