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Superbowl Feast....


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I'm going Mexican. I'm gonna make Fajita's with New York Strips, guacamole, sauce, chips, cheese's, peppers, sour cream, the whole 9 yards.


Beer an Jose Cuervo. Limes. Might even get Coronas.


Lived in Mesa for 10/12 years I'm rooting for Az.


Monday morning I'll be asking who won...... ](*,)


Best to ya.



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I got home & my wife was already preparing things. I snatched for breakfast Fried sweet Tater wedges, Babyback ribs done in Jack Daniels bar-b-que sauce. Steamed veges. Spicey hot garlic bread.And 2 cans of PBR. Man I love Breakfast. Can't wait to sit down this evening eat good food, drink good beer and watch Pittsburg win the game.

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Gonna be smoking some venison and pork loin. Making up some simple appetizers for the pre game stuff.


Making some PJ for the ladies as there will be more of them than men.


As they get loaded I will put my diabolical plan into action.


Get them talking smack about their manfolk, and then attack...


Gawd I lurve Superbowl...


Poor sots out drinking beer and eating cheetos with a room of testosterone laden wanna be jocks, and Im'a BOINKIN their babies ...


mmmm Boink Boink Boink..

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