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Colour on binding?

Guttorm Andreasen

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Hello everybody!


After many years of looking for a proper, nicely used Gibson SG Standard in ebony (I've wanted one for a long time now) I finally got round to buying one!


It came in the mail today, and I have just finished the first hour with it. The price was ok for Norway (around 600 USD). It's a 2012 model. Many good things indeed, not least the sound! There are some nicks and challenges, but nothing that can't be fixed, I hope (new knobs being one of them).


But I was wondering about the binding on the neck. I was hoping it would be white/ivory, but on my 2012 it's kinda light yellow. Is that because it changes over time or do they come with that colour originally? Are there any year models with pure white?




Best regards

Guttorm Andreasen, Oslo, Norway

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