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Ergonomic Guitar Strap Review


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One of the factors that limits my practice time is comfort. My existing el-cheapo guitar strap was constantly biting into the side of my neck, and I would have to break concentration and shift it more to my shoulder. One GAS-search evening, I came across this guy on EBay (and ETSY) who sells handmade ergonomic guitar straps for left hand and right hand players.

Note the one shown is a Left Hand strap. See pics below.


First, very high quality construction, from the leather tooling to the suede lining, with integrated pockets for picks and a capo. The cut holes are a perfect snug fit for Schaller-type strap locks, and length is adjusted with the leather weaving on the back end. The fit is very, very comfortable, and does not move from the center-shoulder position shown.










I'd highly recommend getting an ergonomic guitar strap. There are many suppliers out there - mine was "Ergoguitarstraps" on Etsy.com

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