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Les Paul - Help please


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Hello All,

I am having trouble finding a serial number on this guitar. It was passed down to me from my father who passed when I was young. I've attached some photos of the guitar and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you so much for any help

post-77191-079446100 1456370092_thumb.jpg

post-77191-066444900 1456370106_thumb.jpg

post-77191-042567500 1456370127_thumb.jpg

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The serial number on ALL Les Pauls should be at the top/back of the headstock.


There are various reasons why it is no longer visible, and none of them are good. Open up the control cavity and look at the potentiometer codes. You're looking for a seven digit number on the back of the pots that most likely starts wit "137".


Post the number here and we can continue the conversation.

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