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Happy Birthday George!


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His influence on my decision to study guitar as a kid can not be overstated. His was the big one, and he actually would watch his hands as he played.


A few years back I was attending a Sunday School program with my kid. The teacher turning to us parents asked out loud what it was we hoped to be when we were growing up. I answered 'George Harrison.'


In one form or another, I still find myself listening to him and learning from him over 52 years later several times a month.


Happy Birthday Hari!

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While I'd NEVER take anything away from Lennon & McCartney, my first "favorite" Beatles song,

or the one I could "relate to," the most, was George's song, on Meet The Beatles..."Don't Bother Me!"

From then on, I pretty much liked all his songs, as well as John and Paul's. He, to me, was often the

unsung "hero," and third genius, in the quartet.


Happy Birthday, George! We miss you! [thumbup]



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The "Quiet Beatle." A vast amount of talent that was never appreciated because it was overshadowed by the more vocal and outspoken Lennon and McCartney. Great talents, but George was their equal. Pure class. Would sure be sweet if he was still with us. Imagine this quiet, thoughtful, and gentle man doing one of those stark acoustic albums with Rick Rubins like Cash did. Just George, away from all the hype and noise. [thumbup]

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