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why is my bridge pickup slanted


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I've seen that more than once and I have the same pickup slant on my SG, in my case it's the neck p'up.

Pull out the p'up and place a piece of foam under the low side, that will straighten it out.

It's more a cosmetic issue, I didn't notice a change in tone (didn't really expect to) after straightening it out.

The holes in the pickup frame (not the plastic ring) are just drilled half-assed.

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I have the same problem, if the pickups were on a Strat, there is nothing to slant them.

The real problem is that the pickups barely fit inside vertical shafts that point them in that direction.

You can stuff the cavities, but the tight fit doesn't let it make a difference.

The only other way is to use a PU and ring that makes use of three holes.


I could make it better by raising both pretty high, making them use a little clearance, but the horrible sound I would get from the neck pickup...between clean sound and aesthetics, I'll go for sound.

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